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PisArian 2017 Spring Energy And Extending my IG Blog

#Saturday March 18 2017

(Miami Beach Sunrise 7:30am)

A New Cycle is being reborn now as we begin the Pisces-Aries cusp tomorrow right in the Spring Equinox. New Years starts in Winter when seeds fall to the ground, but now we are in the first quarter of the year when the seeds grow out of the ground. Everything we were contemplating during the Winter is now making itself more physical. All the goals you set during the Capricorn phase are now taking shape one way or the other although we have a slight delay with Jupiter #Retrograde. The rivers of Pisces are now warming up to the Spring Sun, and a steam of enthusiasm to do something and progress is felt. Spring is the Wood phase in Chinese Medicine. The growing phase. Summer is the fire phase of full blown manifestation, so now we must apply all of our energies to our new endeavors. I’ve already covered all the Decans last year. So if you are new, you can scroll down my IG page and look for your decan. In this new cycle I decided to expand (wood) myself by creating a blogpost where I will add the IG daily post AND the tarot reading of the day to further explain the planetary energies of the day and give you a deeper overview of the forcast at