Sun In Aries Squares Pluto In Capricorn While Venus Trines Mars🔥April 10 2018🍃Intense Ego Battles

#Tuesday April 10 2018🔥Tomorrow the Sun in Aries Squares Pluto In Capricorn while Venus in Taurus Trines Mars in Capricorn.

It can be a power struggle day tomorrow as the Sun the creator squares intense Pluto. One must guard again intense health issues that can arise or an intense battle of Ego and authorities tomorrow. Luckily the Earth Trine tomorrow between Venus and Mars can give a smooth landing.

A situation can arise where one can meet someone who is trying to insert authority over us yet at the end you end up liking that person and going out with the Venus-Mars Trines on the Earth Signs stabilizing a situation.

🍃I ordered Cannabis Essential Oil from Edens Garden to fight against severe menstrual cramping for the next cycle. When I opened it up I went to take a sniff like I do with all Essential Oils. To my surprise this oil is so concentrated I sort of got high for several minutes. I was not expecting that. This stuff is highly concentrated and potent. I will use with a little caution.

For example if you have Pluto in the 3rd house again the Sun in the 6th house, something can happen during your daily routine in terms of your surroundings that can effect you, so care must be taken. On the other hand, so might meet someone in your surroundings that can become a love or business partner.

Mercury is still Retrograde, and will be going Direct in Aries in 5 days the same day there is a New Moon in Aries April the 15th.

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