We Need An Authority Figure To Confirm That What We Sense And See Is True🤖

#Friday Feb 9 2018🤖We are living in a time when we need authority figures to confirm that the duck is a duck even though it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like one.

The authority that science and politics has on what is OK is as valid as the power dynamics of a relationship between a child & a parent.

Anything that one intuitively senses of what is going behind a curtain is laughed at and ridiculed by the masses.

None stop to question whether the media is FOOLING you because it would hurt more to even fathom that you were the butt of the joke all this time by a figure of authority that you so much respect like the News Anchor. It took a bunch of wack jobs to get the word out about the dangers of GMOs, but now it looks prestige to say “Organic”, but had the media figures done it, it would of been accepted immediately.

So many ridiculed about Vaccines, and now Doctors and nurses are coming out.

I barely post about conspiracy theories because the feedback is draining to have to argue & block “Agent Orange” (paid agents) trolling comments trying to make the exposer look stupid.

I decided to post that post yesterday because it was so BLATANT that I saw 3 robotic-like humanoid inventions within one month. A.I Sophia several months ago, the realistic sex robot that is going on all over IG, and now the #Alteredcarbon series that was depicted in such predictive programming style, not to mention all the new series and movies that have to do with “Love With A Robot” shoving this on our faces 247 in every film genre. Especially the strongest during this Aquarius Solar Eclipse. As an astrologist I picked this up and felt a strong need to say it.

To my surprise I saw a lot of people who can’t wait for the future apparently.

We have a lot to look forward to and explore in new bodies, when we can’t even talk to each other face to face now in days living in isolation.

We got a device on our faces 247, and some are even addicted to the point of anxiety if removed.

Are we seriously willing to live 100 yrs old in a new body on a dark planet full of zombies? In what spirits? Waiting to be taken to another planet to do what exactly? We can’t even live in harmony in this beautiful planet.