Aquarius Solar Eclipse Brought Cyborgs🤖Leo Lunar Eclipse Removed our Inner Authentic Sun🌞

#Thursday Feb 8 2018🤖A week ago on Feb 2 2018 they released the #psychasec a method where they transfer your consciousness on a disc and put it on a new body of choice. And that body can last 100 years. Yes, they say they can do it already and whoever wants to do it can. Does anyone remember when the conspiracy theorist were ridiculed for saying celebrities were all cloned? Now we all know we get second hand technology always, and celebs always get it first.

🌞🌬What better time to release this then on the Aquarius Season? Or better yet between the interval of Leo Lunar Eclipse to Aquarius Solar Eclipse to take place on Feb 15 2018. Also what better time to debut the realistic robot sex doll that’s made wave on the Internet? And ladies, you don’t have to worry, remember porn already removed men from dating long time ago. This doll will only make them scared to speak to you, or make them even more disconnected and isolated to women then they already are

The Leo Lunar Eclipse removed individuality that stemmed from our inner Sun🌞and the Aquarius Solar Eclipse is bringing superficiality on a grand global scale.

The New Aeon is here. The Aeon that Aleister Crowley was so referring to in his books. I am amazed at how he could see so far off the horizon that the new Era of Aquarius would bring. The Golden Age.

So MANY changes and upgrades have been happening in wrap speed these 2 weeks it almost feels like we have no place in this cold robotic world.

We learn something creative but then we are replaced the next week.

Please notice how the staff from psychasec talk and move strange…..they are clones themselves.