The Inner Square The Leo Lunar Ecilpse Created◾️Feb 1 2018❤️New Month Ahead

#Thursday Feb 1 2018✨New Month, New outlook, the tides have changed and we have arrived in a new Aeon. 😼This Eclipse that happened in Leo will effect us for the next 6 months. Now I want you to see in what house does Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart since those are the two houses that squared this Lunar Eclipse in Leo. ◾️

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🦁Personally for example this Lunar Eclipse that happened in my 10th house of Public persona obviously effected my judgement of Self or Ego in the 1st house and the way I relate to people one on one in the 7th house. People one on one in the 7th house (Relationship partners or business partners) may see my uncaring non polished attitude in the 10th house as very rebellious and not too attractive. And personally in the the 1st house at the beginning I was questioning if whether or not I should move forward with the change of public personality. But as all Squares turn into diamonds as one proceeds and endures I knew I was doing the right thing because trying to come across like my life is a breeze and I have everything running smoothly in the 10th house only made people want to ride my back. But now when I meet someone new, instead of telling them what I could do or have accomplished in life putting my best face forward I have started to tell them of my personal struggles in the 1st house just to make it easier on both of us.

Aquarius is reigning with a carefree bohemian attitude. Easy and breezy are the keywords here for this Eclipse and new month of February.

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