Super Blue Moon Eclipse 🌒Jan 31 2018🦁The Lion Has Left The Palace🏝

#Wednesday Jan 31 2018🌒🦁Today a Super Blue Moon in Leo ends a chapter in our lives so a new Aeon can arise when the Aquarius Solar Eclipse occurs in Feb 15 2018 on the day of the Chinese Dog Year. The Lion is a very majestic creature who likes to portray itself as authoritative and powerful, but what happens when a Lunar Eclipse of endings occurs in that constellation?

🌒6:40 EST from my house🌕😼🌑

Will that authoritative and successful facade be removed? The answer is “Yes”.

🎭Anywhere in your chart you are about to drop that and put on your beast mode cap. Have you changed your mobile number in your 1st house so the drainers can stop calling you?Have you told a couple of friends in your 11th house you are done with being the entertainer?🤹‍♂️

Have you stopped taking the lead role in family in the 4th because you are so fed up with people riding your back?🏇

🦁The Lion has had enough and is going SOLO.

Simba has left with Timon and Pumpa. Simba doesn’t want to rule the pride land no more. Simba is tired of being sought after for help instead of praised like the original intention of having the crown was for. Simba no longer cares how you view him. You can view him as Scar and he can care less.

The Lion has left the palace and has moved to an oasis where things can be artificial but with less responsibilities or any. I’m talking about Aquarius.🏖

🔆Aquarius Eclipse is still setting up and working on being completely detached by Feb 15 2018. But why? What do you plan to accomplish by having such a clean slate? 🤔Have you thought of that? Did you realize that Saturn in Capricorn is so HEAVY next door you have to release and unload in order to survive the FUTURE? (Aquarius).

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