Super Blue Lunar Eclipse On Leo🌒Jan 31 2018🦁Super Blue Major Changes

#Tuesday Jan 30 2018🌒🦁Tomorrow a #Supermoon #BlueMoon #LunarEclipse in Leo illuminates the sky. And for a lot of us this is MAJOR change. This change can be felt 2 weeks before and after the eclipse. And there may be things ending in your life depending on where this eclipse falls on your chart. Example, if Leo falls in your 10th, you might want to end a career or a job that is not longer lucrative to you, or perhaps there is a public personality you just don’t want to display anymore. I can totally relate to this event, I sort of don’t care how I come across to people I meet on a day to day basis. I tell them all my issues and they can pretty much take me or leave me now. I’m pretty shameless right now.

🌒Isis looking at my room like something is missing….”Mommy what happened to your bed? You changed it?”🤔

🔆Also we have to see how the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 2018 will fall on our charts, and you can actually start seeing newness in that area of your sector at the moment.

For example, I have Aquarius in my 4th house of home and family and I have been renovating my room and my bathroom, I even got rid of my bed and got a a Japanese Futon because I felt like my bed was holding me back and Aquarius loves freedom and space to move.

These are all major changes within these 2 sectors in the chart.

Mercury will also be close to the Solar Eclipse on February the 15th, so the new beginning will be very tied to Mercury’s associations.

A new Chinese year also starts on Feb 16, the year of the Dog. A lot of change on the way that could be challenging to get accustomed too, but on the long haul, it will benefit us greatly. Saturn in Capricorn has been pretty hard on us lately, but these new eclipses will remove anything that stood in Saturns way.

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