Mercury Conjuncts Pluto In Capricorn🔥Jan 24 2018💨Revolutionary Info To Our Ears

#Tuesday Jan 23 2018🔥Tomorrow Mercury Conjuncts Pluto In Capricorn and intense information can come into our ears about the direction we are heading to. A lot of activity is going on in Capricorn. Saturn, Pluto, and now Mercury has joined. A lot of emphasis is now on direction. And with Venus In Aquarius on a grand scale it has to do with future concerns, goals and concern with ones placement in the world.

⛈I have personally seen a lot of stressful activity on people with this strong Saturn in Capricorn that can be felt. A very ratchet vibe is going around. A feeling of sacredness and people are more tight with money more then ever. Some are taking a big plunge health wise with this Saturn in Capricorn.

They say the first year of Saturn in a Sign is difficult because one has to adjust, and I have personally seen this, but I just hope it is also the case with this hard transit.

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Mercury with Pluto for example conjuncting in your 3rd can signify a revelation in regards to your nervous system or a major change in the way you communicate or use communication. Maybe you’ll cut off the house Internet and save up by using the mobile.

It’s a total revolutionary step.

The moon is also getting ready to bloom with an eclipse on Leo. For example, if Leo is in your 10th house of career or reputation, something will end there for you. Perhaps you are putting to an end an old personal role you played in life that is no longer benefiting you to the public. Whatever it is, once you release it you will feel lighter.

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