Weekly Tarot Forecast🔮Jan 21 2018💨Aquarius Season✨Chasing Goals & Possibilities Ahead

#Sunday Jan 21 2018🔮Weekly Tarot Forecast ✨This week our focus is primarily on what we desire (Prince of Cups). What are our wishes? Maybe connecting through Love relationship or a contract of some sort (2 of Cups).

We will be working on that this week (8 of Disks) applying skill to something you perhaps came to an agreement with someone that you will improve on that.

Perhaps this person is a master or teacher of some sort teaching you something. (The Heirophant)

Last week we were like an Emperor taking control of all the difficulties we had.

This week coming up we will hunt full force what we desire. We will go after it full speed (Knight of Swords) without distractions.

We will have a lot of wisdom this time in the process (Queen of Wands) and we will be less likely to make mistakes.

The Wheel of Fortune is on our side this week as we have surprises and possibilities coming our way from the outside.

We will wish for or fear massive change depending on where we stand in our lives. (The Tower).

This is a new Aeon indeed with Saturn in Capricorn and now the Full Moon will Eclipse In Leo by the ending of this month.

Careful not to spread yourself thin by the ending of this week (7 of Cups) as we can indulge in our fantasies and perhaps get too caught upon them we spill out all our energies that way.

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