My Cute Baby Birds (Well not so baby anymore…🦖🍏💚💙🎀

#Thursday Jan 11 2018💚What Love Looks Like🍏(Getting ready for 😴 )Apple is a miniature T-Rex Lovebird that hatched in my yard 6 years ago. She was such a handful she fell off the nest early before due date. My grandfather was walking in the yard and almost stepped on her, same with Pebbles when he found him on the floor full of ants 4 years ago and gave him to me to hand feed. Isis landed on my uncle at his job looking for shelter and food so he gave her to me 4 years ago.

#Birds to me are my #animal totem. They are ruled by the Air Element. #Cats are ruled by Fire (Leo), #Dogs are Earth and Fish is water element. These are the 4 common pets.

A pet reflects an aspect of you.

Birds however, are not for everyone and honestly don’t make good pets. People who are inexperienced often get sick birds within a year because they don’t know how to properly take care of them. Some don’t know birds need adequate Sunlight to fight off infection. (Otherwise they gain weight from respiratory infection and start to yawn constantly trying to breathe).They don’t see how a bird needs sunlight due to feathers. (Feet and beak) But they do. I keep mine all day outside in a large playpin with plenty of toys, shade and sun. (Ideally I would have a walk-in bird cage with if I were rich). Also change of water daily, care with all predators (hawks and cats, possums, raccoons) careful with birds eating poisonous things like Chocolate or avocado and chewing on inked paper or lead painted toys. (There are list of precautions online) House fan accidents, leaving your birds fly with a ceiling fan on. Leaving birds unattended with cables. Fumes can easily kill birds if not ventilated. (Incense, cigarettes, gas stove.)

Also the noise they make… birds are not for everyone. They will break anything they can and you will have to deal with it. I have so many ear phones chopped. Apple would just land on my shoulder and all the sudden my music stops.🤨

Also territory. I’m the only one #Apple let’s put their hand in her cage. And only Pebbles can visit when she is in a good mood. This is why I have two separate cages. Birds are lizards and super territorial. #birdsofig #parrots

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