Personality Changes More Then Looks, So Personality Can’t Be Relied On As The Most Important

#Tuesday Jan 9 2018💭A lot of people now in days say that a person’s personality is of most importance when you first meet them in the dating scene, and going for the physical first as primary is shallow. Well if that was the case, dating sites wouldn’t have photos for you to look at. It would all be written about a person. We always go for looks first.

I’ve seen a lot of shallow people get offended when their object of interest rejects them for shallow means, but they can be shallow all they want.

Then they go on with “Personality is what matters at the end”.

Personality CHANGES with time folks, sometimes more often then the looks of the person.

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Have you ever met someone with a beautiful personality only to disappear after they got what they wanted from you?

Bottomline folks, don’t let those who claim they are angles fool you with “down-to-Earth” talk.

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Anyone can be nice. Follow your gut instinct and realize that you are dealing with a living thing, and to come up with a conclusion about them, you are basically saying they won’t grow.

People grow for the worst or better. You just have to observe them close.

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