New Year🥂New Goals🦀New Saturn Transits & New Problems!😷

#Tuesday Jan 2 2018🥂🌕New Year, Full Moon and a fresh start. A new year gives us the opportunity to start fresh although we can always start fresh anytime, but we constantly have to be planting seeds, in order to constantly be ripping. New Years gives us the opportunity to write 12 new goals that you would like to achieve this year.

This year yields to 11=2+0+1+8 and the Full Moon was in 11 degrees Cancer.

11 the doorway of opportunity seems to be significant this year.

This year can be a passageway that leads to something big. Whatever toil Saturn brings to Capricorn will mold a greater diamond by the end of this year.

The first year of Saturn entering a sign is TOUGH. You have to adjust to the new rules and the new chapter Saturn has for you.

The ending of Saturn’s cycle in a house is much easier.

As soon as Saturn entered my 3rd house in Dec 22 I now have a house to remodel due to mold infestation. Talk about surroundings!!!

I swear Astrology just keep getting more precise by the day. All sorts of annoying problems I didn’t have while he was in Sagittarius has arisen.

It’s almost like a big obstacle course in the way (the road) to anything I want to do.

I was focused on so many things and projects to do this year, but how could I when I now have to fix (adjust) and rebuild my surroundings first? I also wanted to start Biofreeback for my Mind (3rd House) but now my surroundings is getting in the way.

This year will introduce us into what we will be mastering next year with Saturn in Capricorn.

But the last 6 months of his transits, your consciousness will have already grown the grand lesson.

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