Merry Christmas🎄Venus Enters Capricorn🌲Dec 25 2017🐐Beautiful Ambition

#Monday Dec 25 2017🌲❤️Merry Christmas to everyone and your family and friends! Today Venus Enters Capricorn.🐐And Capricorn now has a stellium activating its house. Sun, Saturn and now Venus has joined. Mercury In Sagittarius is gaining force once again and the Moon is Waxing In Pisces today. Seems to be a very calm day after the Mercury Retrograde storm.

This ending of the month seems to be quite peaceful as we are only left with Mars Trining Neptune on Wednesday.

For example, if you have Capricorn in your 3rd house you will now have more interaction with siblings since Venus has joined Saturn and the Sun. In in for a 2 hour Reiki Session with my cousin today.

😍My friend got me these two for my birthday at the beginning of this month. Beach Smell EXACTLY like Coppertone (The Sand) And “Almost Bare” smells like the Ocean Waves. Unfortunately “Almost Bare has been discontinued. :/😍

🍫And for Christmas he got me this…My absolute weakness..L-triptophan loaded so I can chew this while I compose on my piano and finish my album which I’ll release next year.🤗

The Sun transiting the 3rd house highlights everything that has to do with communication. Yesterday for example I ordered “Aluminum Tin Tape” on Amazon because I plan to tape that to my phone case (I saw the tutorial on YouTube) to block off the EMF my phone is penetrating through my pericardium meridian in the middle of my hand causing my nervous system to go wack. I also plan to do this with every lightbulb, electrical appliances that my “Nicola Tesla” app meter on my phone reads as highly radioactive. I’m very focused on adjusting my surroundings and making them more comfortable (Venus [comfort], Sun[Focus] in 3rd house of Surroundings).

I wish all of you again a wonderful Christmas!

🌲🎄Have a beautiful day!

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