Manipulators Love To Reflect Confusion To CONFUSE You🦋

#Tuesday Dec 5 2017🦋Great tactic manipulators use to keep you PROVING to them why you should stick around. All this time they were so innocent and had no idea why they were seducing you. Seems like it’s rocket science all of the sudden.

Gee, it’s either LOVE or LUST buddy, PICK ONE. By saying “I’m confused” is a clever idea as now they can get you to do tricks without them contributing ANYTHING. Haven’t you noticed they pull the “I’m confused” phase AFTER they got you emotionally? They don’t do it before though.🤔

Now they can go on other dates and still use you because poor thing is confused.🤕

They play on your sympathy, meanwhile they have ZERO sympathy for your time and feelings. It’s all about them AND how they feel. 🌕This Gemini Moon In my 8th house has really inspired me to write about the most occult topic of all, Mind Games and the occult. Gemini rules Mind Games, and the 8th house rules the Occult. A friend of mine sent me this picture from his house at the beach last night 🌕

You are pretty non-existent and your state of mind is pretty non-important.

🧐Poor thing needs to go out and date other people to figure out what they want, but meanwhile they need to see you too.😎

🦋And in extreme analogy “Disorientation” is the next process used in MK with drugs or spinning you around to cause you not to “think clearly” and “confusion”.

LOVE is clarity and truth, Evil is confusion, muddiness.

Tactics to create an obedient slave even in today’s dating world:

🦋Seduce/win over till person falls 2.Withdraw 3.Declare Confusion 4.State terms and conditions = you got the perfect obedient slave who is willing to do anything you tell them to in order to keep you.

This is done everyday in the dating world folks. The dating world today is all based on manipulation. Very rarely do you see a clean cut couple with clear action and intentions ofLove.