Mk-Ultra Protocols In Modern Dating

#Monday Dec 4 2017✨Needing people to pat you in the back all the time and to give you a cookie is a recipe for mind control. For those of you who have looked up and read about Mk Ultra you will start to notice the same protocol is used on a lower scale on each other in the dating scene.

First they bombard you with loads of love, attention, and admiration. (This is why I’m super weary of too many compliments in the beginning.)

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In Mk Ultra, the subject is given affection for 18 months known as Love-Bombing.

A beautiful 18 months is spend with the handler giving the subject love, spending time together, having the subject attach themselves to the handler.

Same thing happens on dates, at the beginning everything is beautiful.🌹🌼🌸🌺

But then the brakes are added to create multiple-personality.

The subject is then rejected, severally tortured, deprived of basic necessities till they become dissociative and form new personalities to protect against the pain from the reality. Now these personalities can be molded into anything from beta sex-slave to a totally undetected assassin.

Same thing in modern relationship but on a lower scale (normalized by the media ofcourse.)

The handler stops being affectionate and starts to be withdrawn after insinuating all that time they want to form a relationship.

After the handler knows he has won the trust of the person now it’s time for “conditioning” and the handler puts the brakes and stops calling and when the person asks the reason, they say “they are not ready” and sets the conditions in which the handler will only see the subject. (Give me everything that is required in a relationship “without” being in one.)👌

Now the subject de-fragments and starts behavior that is out of their personality and accepts the terms and conditions to please the handler till their self-esteem gets lower and lower because by now they are too far in and are dependent of the affection of the handler.

By the time the victim is out of the spell, it’s already too late, and has done things he or she regrets.

I see this everyday and very often on tarot reading consultations. Sad, that people will pay to know the future with their manipulators.

Be very careful who of those who come on too strong at the beginning. They just might be programming you.

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