Mars In Libra Opposes Uranus In Aries⚡️Dec 1 2017🔥Confronting The Last Chapter Before A New One

#Thursday Nov 30 2017🔥Tomorrow Mars in Libra Opposes Uranus In Aries in their last degrees while Venus Enters Sagittarius.

Mars versus Uranus happens once every two years.

🔥It can be a very rebellious energy as Mars wants to do something BUT the odds and chances of Uranus are against Mars.

Your drive is aimed towards something BUT the circumstances, or changes are actually not helping your drive.

✨My first car. Back in the days when traffic wasn’t a thing. Now I HATE driving and avoid the streets altogether.🍁

Venus also Enters Sagittarius and loves her freedom throughout this time, so it’s not very helpful to Mars.

Note that Mars and Uranus are battling in the last degrees of signs as a last battle of a last chapter in your life.

🍁Halloween 2006 in some spooky woods with a group of friends at night🌕

Once Uranus moves to Taurus, the background of your life will change.

Uranus is intellect like Mercury, but in a higher octave ofcouse.

So Mars is challenging all the idealism you acquired during his 7 year stay in Aries.

Is your Ego (Mars) still aligned to those ideas?

Well now is the time to find out.

How does your inner dialogue sound like?

For example if Mars is transiting your 12th, you may be struggling still with the past, BUT Uranus moving into your 7th house on May 2018 you may adopt a new attitude of “Independence” in partnerships or perhaps want several relationships instead of one.

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