Love Yourself Ladies!💗

#Saturday Nov 25 2017🌷Dear Ladies: LOVE YOURSELF.❤️A very degrading and offensive phase “I’m not ready” you get from a guy who asks you to have sex with him and spend your time with him while he freely has sex around bringing your body potential diseases.

The humiliation of going to a gyno and getting asked personal direct questions PLUS paying $50-$200 for a Pap smear PLUS missing your work time and Transportation money just to go to the gyno and get tested while he wonders off around and comes back when he wants because he is not ready to commit to ONE person.

Hotlines and websites charge about $1 a minute for their time, and here you are doing it for FREE.🎟

🎨You could be doing something more entertaining or productive on Pinterest, traveling, petting your dog, but here you are wasting time on a boring non-authentic dialogue of “Someday baby”.🎰

He is in the way of you finding a MAN.

Did his mother wait on his father? If so, did he enjoy seeing his mother being stressed out?

We need to take a look at today’s deranged culture and their NEW definition of Love.

TURN off the damn radio! Eliminate songs in your iPod who sing and encourage masochistic behavior.

Songs like “I need you”, “I miss you”, “Boy/baby I can’t live without you”.

This is complete GARBAGE folks.💩

I GUARANTEE you the moment you erase these MK ULTRA songs off your iPod, the minute some punk disrespects you losely asking you for sex with solicitations, you will RUN away or send him straight to hell immediately!

Replace it with non-lyrical Epic uplifting songs.


As for you boys, you all need to stop using “Ready” like you are not ready to give birth.

I can’t emphasize enough how offensive and RIDICULOUS it sounds.

Offering a penis all the time coupled with repetitive compliments can be found in every corner.

🥤If you are thirsty, stop being so cheap and pay a hotline or a prostitute but stop asking for handouts and Or better yet, call your mother since you learned from her behavior.💡

But don’t go around offending women who gave you a chance after you asked her out.


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