New Moon In Scorpio🌙Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn🔥Difficult Deep Beginning🌊

#Saturday Nov 18 2017☁️🌙🌊Today a New Moon arrives in Scorpio and tomorrow Mars in Libra will Square Pluto In Capricorn. It can be a difficult weekend faced with many challenges. Those who are usually energy sapped during a New Moon might find this moon a total bummer as it is in a water sign that makes you dive deep and the two rulers of this Sign Scorpio are squaring.

🔥🌊Pluto and Mars the rulers of this deep sign are in conflict right in the birth of the new moon in the sign it rules.

Pluto is power and Mars is ego and assertion.

🌟This cutie landed in my yard hungry, although he was super intelligent I had to give him away because he bite Isis in the foot⭐️

⭐️He was so smart he would open his own cage and navigate to the house like he knew the house.⭐️

⭐️Isis is fine. She only bled a little bit. She was back to normal right away.

You should never cage Lovebirds with Cockatiel. Lovebirds May look “cute” and harmless but they WILL kill your cockatiel.

Very very aggressive. I only allow Pebbles to sleep with Isis in the same cage because Pebbles is handicap and gentle, but Apple sleeps in her own cage.⭐️

This cycle can be quite challenging to us as this Moon was conceived in a very difficult aspect.

For example if you have this New Moon in your 1st house you will notice a New Personification has emerged. You will realize that you see yourself as a different persona…new looks, new outlook and new attitude. But, Pluto in your 3rd house wants power over mind matters or siblings, but Mars in the 12th house of the past or illnesses is effecting your ability to move about freely.

One must look at our charts for deeper understanding.

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