Venus Conjuncts Jupiter In Scorpio while Mercury In Sagittarius Squares Pisces In Neptune❤️Nov 13 2017🍁Love Matters Unfold

#Monday Nov 13 3017🍁Today Venus Conjuncts Jupiter In Scorpio while Mercury In Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces. It’s going to be a deep time in regards to intimate relationships as Venus Conjuncts Jupiter In Passionate Scorpio. This aspect is one of those combined aspect that amplifies love matters to the point where they can expose some truths. ✨Jupiter amplifies Venus’s intensity in Scorpio having us address if we are passionate enough about someone or if we are just being optimistic while intimate relationships suffer. 

😭🍪Keto Diet here I come. Thing is I was born with MVP which always gives me hypotension and I always have to eat small meals every hour to keep my blood pressure normal this is why my metabolism is fast and why I have always stayed skinny. Thing is doing that leads to hypoglycemia…. so the keto diet will correct that.

So I started my keto diet this morning and I failed as I needed to sustain myself with more carbs. Damn it. I hate having to eat every hour without being hungry and drinking more then 8 glasses of water as I dehydrate quicker.

So what I will do from now on is write down all the foods I take throughout the day to see how I can manage to extend the times I take the foods. 

😭🍪Damn it… The sugar section. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. But anything can be done. I know it can.

As Mercury in Sagittarius challenges Neptune in Pisces with inner truth, a conflict can yield to the discovery of something you kept well buried.
For example if you have this Conjunction in the 1st house you will realize you have a need to really be attracted to someone in order for a relationship to work. 

You can also feel extraordinarily beautiful during this time.

Also if Mercury is Squaring Neptune in the 5th house you may be having to confront what you truly value in relationships.

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