November 2017 Forecast🍁Nov 1st 2017✨Interesting Month Ahead🕯

#Wednesday Nov 1 2017🍁November 2017 Astrology Forecast🍁On the 3rd we start off positive with the Sun trining Neptune giving us creativity to the fullest based on our imagination. 

🐉So my uncle found this Cool Glass Lizard which has no legs🐉
🌔However on the Fullmoon the next day maybe that goes a little too far as Venus opposes Uranus, confronting him for his sudden change. 

⚡️Relationships tend to break apart. 

🎃So my friend bought me more candies and stickers. Basically every year he wakes up early to go to Walgreens to get gifts for his favorite friends. He loves to shop and is always buying me stuff. 🎃

Maybe that Sun trining with “Neptune” wasn’t such a good idea after all. 

On the 5th we speak up as Mercury enters Sagittarius and we intensify up as Venus enters Scorpio. 🔥

On the 11th Saturn trines Uranus giving structure to sudden changes and inspiration. On the 13th Venus and Jupiter conjunct expanding love, however, on that day Mercury Squares Neptune catching deception. 

❤️On the 16th Venus and Neptune trine taking romance to another level. 

On the 18th we have a New Moon but the next day we have Mars Squaring Pluto, somehow any plans we may have on the New Moon may not go into accordance with others. 

On the 22nd Neptune goes direct in Pisces bringing back our imagination. 

On the 25th we have Mercury trining Uranus giving us sudden ideas. 

And on the 28th we have Mercury and Saturn conjunct stabilizing those ideas. 

A pretty good month over all in comparison to other months. 🌈

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