What Do YOU Bring To The Table? Is SEX an equal exchange? 8th House Matters🎃 Oct 26 2017

#Thursday Oct 26 2017🎃”The 8th House, What Do YOU bring to the table & is SEX an equal exchange?” We all know the 7th house is the house where you get your partner’s looks and the “type” of characteristics you want them to distribute. ☝️For example, I have Taurus in my 7th, Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty, therefore it is important for me that the man is easy on my eyes, plus he needs to want a “Stable” relationship as Taurus is the Earth sign of Longevity and Stability. 

❤️Yes, our Natal Venus tells us more qualities we value in the person, for example my Natal Venus is Cusping in between my 1st and 12th house. So right there and then it tells me I value a Strong Leader 🔥(1st house) and I value an understanding person (12th house). Without these 2 traits there is no going further with me. 

❤️Also, my Venus is in Scorpio so I display intense deep emotions towards those I really like, as Venus represents how you EXPRESS Love. 

🔥Now Mars represents the ATTRACTION Factor, sort of like a primordial instinct you really can’t control. 

For example Mars falls in my 12th house where I always find people in secluded places (example, a recording studio/hospital/art gallery/Pisces places) and their intentions may not be good since Mars is a maleficent planet, but never the less it is an instinctual energy we must overcome if we want to rise in the Qabalistic Tree Of Life. 

🎃Now for the 8th House, the 8th house shows what you bring to the table. The 2nd house is opposite, it is what you HAVE or Value in life, 8th is what you GIVE or loose in life. 

So for example I have Gemini in 8th, So therefore I bring intelligence and intellect to the table. Someone who is into this would go CRAZY for me. Hence it’s probably why I attract a lot of Gemini men effortlessly. 

They are woed by my ability to multi-task like write music, sing, play piano all at once, do metaphysics, then switch over to gardening. 😻This is like cat-nip to a Gemini. But it doesn’t mean I will like a Gemini, infact, I will probably find their traits annoying since I already am giving those traits. 

So it CLASHES. 🚖🚘

It’s like two cars coming at each other.

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