Weekly Tarot Forecast🎃Offers Might Fall Below Expection And Your Patience Is Thinning😣

#Sunday Oct 22 2017🎃Weekly Tarot Card Reading🍁 This week we have a lot of mental clarity as shown here with the Ace of Swords. We are so clear in our direction and we are determined to make things work (Art) by applying patience and alchemy.❤️The goal is “Flow” (Ace of Cups) and for those in a relationship it may indicate that your mental clarity is geared towards potential energy in relationships as all Aces are represented by potential energy of the element.

Another underlying cause for this shift of having Mental Clarity and the desire to work on things is the hopes of Travel (6 of Swords). 

You might want to see the world or excel from difficulties, but first you will have to put your mind to work first. So in order to do that, you must have the Ace of Swords.

🔥Last week we were like the Emperor who went full force trying to take control and make things happen with a situation.

⚡️This week coming up we draw the line with the 9 of Wands. It’s right NOW or NEVER. You won’t accept another week, or another month of setbacks, you will make your move THIS WEEK.⚡️

🔥Your energy and actions may be that of the Lion (Lust) taming all challenging situations but don’t expect people from the outside to support you. People might be darn negative (10 of Swords) and it’s not supporting energy at all.

You might fear a disaster (The Tower) and a complete change of plans that you had started with the Ace of Swords. People just might not be co-operative.

As a result the situation might fall below expectation by the ending of this week as seen here with the 4 of Cups. An offer should be considered if one wants to move to the next chapter. It might not be the best offer, and if it’s not, it’s best to wait a bit to work around something… but the 9 of Wands won’t tolerate any more waiting…

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