Jupiter Enters Scorpio For A Whole Year✨Sun In Libra Squares Pluto🔥Oct 10 2017🌞Provoking Expanding Energy

#Tuesday October 10 2017✨Today is a big day as Jupiter Enters Scorpio for a whole year. Also we have the Sun In Libra Squaring Pluto In Capricorn. Care must be taken always when the Sun is involved as the sun symbolizes Vitality and Health. 

Squaring Pluto means there will be some transformative energy today. 

Both are challenging each other. 

This Square happens twice a year. 

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Libra has to do with relationships, Sun In Libra, healthy relations? Pluto can stir up some intense fights with the ambition In Capricorn. Do you think your relationship will live up to relationship goals?

For example if you have Sun transiting in the 12th house, care should be taken as your surroundings can cause you health issues.

Your surroundings in the 3rd house can attempt to provoke the Sun who is hidden in the 12th house.

🐸Jupiter is now expanding a sign that has to do with death, renewal and regeneration.🔥Those who are afraid to tap into their shadow self will now be forced regardless to face everything that was occult. This can create major change in people depending where your Jupiter will fall in your chart. 

For example, if your Jupiter is transiting your 1st house all eyes may be on you now. You must also watch out for weight gain as Jupiter can expand your physical self in the 1st house.

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