Halloween Came Early This Year🎃Oct 6 2017🌕🔥FullMoon In Aries Lets The Spookie Trouble Makers In👻

#Friday Oct 6 2017🌕🎃👻This truly is the spookiest time of the year. Here in Miami the initiation of the Autumn wind has been blowing for about 3 days now with non-stop heavy rain. It’s almost as if this 🌕Aries Moon was an open door to allow all the spookiest ghost, demons and other characters to come to Earth and wait for Halloween. I feel like Halloween came a little too early this year. Lol. 👻Hi guys we are here! Let’s party! Time to do a trick or treat for us or we will haunt you with Ill luck and fear that will drive you nuts!👻Time to dress up… to confuse them. If I would of known this I would of put my pumpkins up earlier so they can stay away from my house.🎃

🌊Even the ocean level rose here in Miami around my neighborhood and yard 🌕

People in my family are spooked out seeing things and my friend saw a demon in his office yesterday..and he is not into spookism. The wind is Spirit. It’s Chi/Qi, and it’s been behaving quite vicious these days around here. The nature of this wind feels malevolent. Feels very Martian, and to its own right, Aries is ruled by destructive Mars or shall I say Seth, Satan in metaphysics.

Mars rules the Ego, and during this time you might be finding yourself saying “I am” in your inner dialogue often. It’s almost as if you are trying to define and make sense of the meeting of Venus with Mars in Virgo and who are you now.

🐥I ordered this plastic for my bird’s playpin, so they don’t miss out on being outside 🐥

🌕Lets not forget that before the moon was full in Aries, it was full in Pisces, opposite of Virgo, opposite of Mars and Venus conjunction… that’s when we felt like the lid was going to come off.🔥

After that it was followed by Aries Moon today, irrationality, impulsiveness, and experiencing an irritating feeling. 

But we will feel relief once it enters Taurus. Taurus always grounds the Moon.

To stay grounded during this ghostly visit👻, keep to your routine and don’t entertain negativity they throw at you. 

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