Venus Meets Mars In Virgo During The Aries FullMoon🔥🌕Conclusions In Our Needs In Relationships ❤️🍁

#Thursday Oct 5 2017🌕🔥❤️🍁Today on the Aries Fullmoon Venus Meets Mars in Virgo in this beautiful Autumn starting in the Northern Hemisphere. 🌕Full moons are about Conclusions and endings. ✨Single people may be passionately having a war within themselves about what they truly desire in relationships, what are their needs and what nourishes their spirit as Virgo is about taking care of yourself.

✨Inside a Teahouse at a Japanese Garden✨Throwback 2015
💔People who are in relationships can break up (yes!) even though it is a conjunction between the masculine energy and the feminine energy because of the Warlike energy of Aries Full Moon.🔥🌕

Speaking of which a lot is going on in the TV. More Violence then usual, let’s not forget Jupiter is approaching Scorpio and will amplify that dark energy. 

✨Japanese Garden 2015

👌Scorpio Risings may be happy about the 1st house blessings and maybe Libra Rising too for the 2nd house blessing$ while the world may not be particularly comfortable with dark Scorpio energy expanding.

I personally don’t watch TV or click on any IG thumbnails with violence. I happen to know because of the occasional pop ups in the media and well because my family will bring it up, but I quickly defuse it without second thought and move on to other positive things.

✨Outside the Teahouse 2015✨

🍎The truth is, you can’t save the world even if you want to, second, you can’t feel sorry for the dead when you will be dead oneday, you shouldn’t feel superior because you are not immortal. Thirdly, you will only damage your day worrying about things you have no control of. If it doesn’t effect you DIRECTLY. Leave it alone. That’s my advice to everyone.👌

🌕🔥This Aries Full Moon is all about war but it doesn’t have to be this way. Aries has its positive side too just like every sign. 

For example, you can be driven with warlike energy on your 6th house of work ready to stand up for people trying to slave you like it was done to me yesterday, and problem was solved immediately with no question.

❤️And as for the Venus and Mars conjunction you can be thinking about relationship long term goals like I was yesterday. And I was redefining everything I put together all these month after the Aries Venus Retrograde.🔥❤️

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