Mars In Virgo Trines Pluto In Capricorn🔥Oct 3 2017🌊Intensely Preparing For A Reunion During An Aries Full Moon🌕

#Monday Oct 2 2017❤️🌊Tomorrow Venus in Virgo Trines Pluto in Capricorn While yesterday we had a Mars Trine Pluto aspect. ❤️Venus and Mars are getting close to one another in Virgo as they will meet under the full moon in Aries this week.🌕They both seem to be intensely aspected by Pluto who rules Scorpio and then will Conjunct during a full moon of a sign who is also ruled by Mars, Aries. This seems to be a very passionate reunion. 

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The last time Venus and Mars were this close was early this year in January although Mars and Venus didn’t actually meet and they just kept a distance till Venus went Retrograde in Aries.

But now I guess they are back again after some time and on better terms.

Seems like their reunion is more improved since it is happening in the perfection sign of Virgo. Maybe both planets improved their associations with each other about all the quarrels that happened during Venus Retrograde in Aries.

Aries is once the hightlight here as the full moon lights this part in the sky, so maybe activity that had to do with the Venus Retrograde that happened early on this year between Mars and Venus will be the discussion of this reunion.

Also there is practically in this get together(Virgo), but we also sense intensity coming from the Trines with Pluto on the previous day.

It’s almost as if Venus is giving Mars a second chance to prove it is now grounded and improved(Virgo) while at the same time keeping the independence that the Aries Full Moon displays.

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