October 2017 Forecast🎃Sept 30 2017💏This Month Venus & Mars Meet Under A Fullmoon🌕

#Saturday Oct 30 2017🎃October 2017 Astrology Forecast🍁

This month we start off with a harmonious trine with Mars and Pluto, also later on in the 3rd Venus then trines Pluto. 

🌕On the Full Moon interesting enough Venus conjuncts Mars. ❤️The two lovers meet on the intensity of the fullmoon. 

However on that weekend Venus will question stability after squaring Saturn and voicing her opinions strongly as Sun conjuncts Mercury, this in turn causes friction the next day with communicating changes as Pluto gets squared by Mercury. 

On the 10th we must watch out as Sun Squares Pluto and we might be struggling with our heath that day, however, Jupiter enters Scorpio on that same day and stays there for a whole year. 

🔥On the 11th more conflict as Mars Squares Saturn demanding his way with responsibilities. 

✨On the 14th Venus enters Libra and on the 15th Mercury opposes Uranus giving sudden quarrels.  

🌊On the 17th Mercury enters Scorpio and on the next day conjuncts Jupiter expanding talk on intimacy. 

🍁On the 19th our vitality is on the line as Sun opposes crazy Uranus. 

On the 22th Mars enters Libra giving us the power to think before reacting. 

On the 24th we get creative as Mercury trines Neptune. And on the 26th we have Sun and Jupiter the two kings conjunct. 

On the 28th Venus Squares Pluto changing relationship status.

⚖️Tomorrow Mercury Enters Libra. Relationship talks can be the highlight of this cycle as Libra is the sign of Business and Partnerships. The moon is currently in Aquarius today making a trine with Mercury and the Sun that is in Libra. We can be very expressive today about how we feel. ⚖️Libra season represents the Sunset. It is the time of Libra and the infra-red coloring gives a romantic tone. This is why Sunsets are known to be romantic and people walk on the beach holding hands on sunset because of the romantic tones of light it produces on the hour of Libra. Libra also represents the infra red tones of Fall. 🍁
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