Venus In Neptune Opposes Neptune In Pisces🌊Facing Delusions/Acknowledging Value🏵Sept 30 2017

#Friday Sept 29 2017🌊Tomorrow Venus In Virgo Opposes Neptune In Pisces causing us to choose between real love or romantic delusions. 

This is an aspect where we are torn between people who feed our fantasies from those who actually invest in us.❤️

📝But here is the thing, you just can’t be after a person’s personality or how well they treat you. That is the definition of “friendship” only.

🕊Juju came this morning, if it wasn’t for the fact she ran up to me for bread, I wouldn’t of not had recognized her. I wonder what happened to her tail?🙁 (I raised Juju for 7 months in 2016, and she migrates every Spring here to see me🕊

You have to be after the looks too, otherwise you might as well date your friends. 🤔

A great example of this can be about the men who go around saying they want a nice loving down-to-earth woman with great personality who is willing to build with them but she isn’t exactly the most attractive or doesn’t dress to impress, yet…they go after and cheat with the real extremely stylish and attractive ones who treat them non-existent and use them for the money they got from the 50/50 boho chick.💋

This is a great example of this Neptune opposition Venus.🌊

🌊Neptune gives you the dream person who you could never somewhat reach, and Venus confronts you asking you if this person has contributed anything to your life?❣️

All Oppositions are about priorities. You need to weigh down these two and figure out what is the most “useful”to you now.🙇‍♀️

🙅Perhaps you got to say goodbye to a person who you were never physically attracted to in the beginning and acknowledge that physical attraction is also very important in order to have a real relationship.💏

If for example you have Venus in the 11th now Opposing Neptune in the 5th, you may be goal-oriented when it comes to love and placing more value to that, but the Neptune energy is pulling you to dream about your dream person that seems impossible to manifest.🤔

For those in relationships, a cheater can be discovered and you need to figure out what’s more important, self-love or the cheater?

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