The Gift Of Maturity👁Sept 28 2017👁Finally Understanding How Life Works

#Thursday Sept 28 2017👁The Gift Of Maturity📝There are different stages in life that one goes through. ⚡️Every 7 years (Uranus) a new layer of being is the focus on our development.

The first 7 years of our life we are focused on defining who we are and how to work our bodies. It can be a reckless time and we can be distracted due to restriction from parents. 

👁On the second 7 (7-14) we start to develop into adults and it’s super awkward walking around trying to find your identity and trying to fit in.

The 3rd sevens (14-21) we are kicked to the curb by our parents off to fend for ourselves not knowing what to do next in our lives. Adulthood starts to look very scary and SUPER stressful… here is when panic attacks can start out of the blue.👀

But the 4th Sevens (21-28)we want to develop an association with what makes us comfortable and relationships seems to be the most important thing now. 

If they fail we feel like it’s the ending of the world.

Now the 5th sevens (28-35) it’s our first seven as grown adults who have seen tons of failure BUT understand it’s not the end and there is much more to experience in life.

This is the set of Sevens I’m by.

I realized that these set of sevens are probably the best years out of any set. This is when self-assurance is naturally there. Confidence is peeking and you can no longer be pursued to join the crowd. You are much calmer as nothing can really effect you after you’ve seen and felt worse.

It is probably the most powerful (Leo Set🔥) and soothing 7 years I have seen.

Ofcouse the crawl out of the Saturn Return wasn’t easy, but after that, one can take a break and feel content and satisfied.

Maturity is truly a gift although old insecurities are now replaced by new insecurities and you then realize to ENJOY life because you will always be in an “imperfect state”. 

You also realize that everything that lives must die and that you too will die someday, so best to have a plan and go site-seeing so one day you leave without regrets.

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