Libra Season Is Here⚖️Sept 21 2017⚖️Bracing For The Coming Week Ahead🎂Happy Birthday Libra

#Thursday Sept 21 2017🎨Happy Birthday Libra!🎂Libra Season is here and we also have a nice trine tomorrow between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. We can communicate our passions easily.🍁We could be feeling high spirited already with a fresh outlook as we start this new moon with Venus entering Virgo.🌾❤️

However, next week can seem rather challenging or like nothing is going quite right as we have opposition one after the other one starting on Sunday with Mars in Virgo Opposing Neptune in Pisces.🌪

So this ending of the week we got to gather ourselves and strategize for next week which contains a lot of possibilities for disruptions.

If you plan ahead and figure out anything that can become an issue, you will be ahead of the game.

🌪Things don’t go quite as smoothly with Squares. They always present a struggle of some sort that can bring the best out of us we learn how to handle it well.

There is going to be a lot of friction with Virgo, planets transiting Virgo will naturally be squaring and opposing those in Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in a Pisces.

Mutable Signs lack control and direction, so we can feel like we don’t have much control over things.

For example if Virgo happens in your 11th house of Goals, Dreams and Vision, some planets will interfere with Saturn in your Value house and Neptune in your Creative Sector.

With this new moon in partial Virgo-Libra you can sense that this is the moon to bring your dream to its fruition ending as Libra marks the last sign in your chart.
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