The Fall Is Here🍂Infra Red Romantic Tones In The Air🍁Sept 21 2017🌾Time To Ripe Our Hard Work This Year

#Wednesday Sept 20 2017🍂Tomorrow the Autumn Equinox starts in the Northern Hemisphere. It is my favorite time of the year because of the rich fire colors that surface plus the smell of spices and pumpkin give a tranquil but contemplative feeling that a lot of us introverts love. I was also born in this season which is probably why it’s another reason(Late Fall). The Fall really is a fall. It is the final judgement of that which was at full bloom in Summer. 

🍁My uncle working on the sheds roof after hurricane Irma🍂

🍁How the yard was left after Hurricane Irma. My grandma just chopped off all the trees. Also all the birds kinda disappeared. Remember my Spring Pics? Yeah, they are all gone.🍂

If one looks at the “Knight of Disks” in the Tarot Card system you will see a tired Knight on an exhausted horse looking at his crops come into fruition after so much hard work as he glances at the horizon (the future) at Sunset (Representing Fall). It is also a Card of Virgo and Harvest…. aka Harvey (Some people say the hurricane was some blood sacrifice for the Fall Equinox).

Anyways, this time of the year can also cause some melancholic feelings to surface, after all the fall of leaves and the darkening of the day is a transformative process that if one is not aware can mimic the process instead of observing it. 

To me it’s a time to contemplate. Halloween is my least favorite holiday surprisedly, but I do adore the fall. A lot of artistic people can understand that Fall holds some romantic feeling to it, just like Sunset holds. Must be the infra red tones.

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