Storms Are Like Initiation Ceremonies or Rites Of Passage🗝Sept 14 2017✍🏻

#Thursday Sept 14 2017✍🏻The older you get, the more you are reminded of this.🗝 Hard times are the best initiation to a new modality of thinking. Without it, it wouldn’t be possible. All my life I struggled to understand what “The Heirophant” 🗝Card 5 in the Major Arcanas meant. Such a mysterious card with very brief description always left me curious. 🔑A priest with keys in his hands, and fixed animal zodiacs in the 4 directions. 🔦I researched Masonic books, astrology books, and esoteric books but I still didn’t understand. And in the Zen Deck Card 5 was blank….meaning unknown outcome, or the outcome hasn’t still been decided. 

🌿Avocados that all fell from a tree during the storm🌿The gift after the initiation process, metaphorically speaking🐉

Not even the creator of that deck knew what Card 5 was about. 

🔮Before the storm I read my Tarot cards and “The Moon” came out and “The Heirophant”.

The moon is also an initiation Card so it helped in discovering that the storm was a KEY to a new layer of my growth in personality.

Now I understood that the storm WAS the Priest and a way of passage into a new Aeon/Chapter in my life. It was like a divider between chapters. 

It is also that I realized major events like these are created in ones life to create an emotional imprint for remembrance. You only remember something if it is emotionally charged, otherwise you forget. So the heirophant came in this time so that I can be aware of my current state and be aware of the growth I have undergone in this time in my life.

I can now see how storms are nothing but initiation ceremonies.
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