Venus In Leo Trines Saturn In Sagittarius🌈Sept 13 2017🔥Recognized Value for Hard Work or Hard Times

#Wednesday Sept 13 2017🌈🔥Venus in Leo Trines Saturn In Sagittarius today giving us the ability to put together things neatly. For those that went through a hurricane like myself will find that things can be put back together easily today. Venus and Saturn are about earned value. You could be recognized for hard work. For example, if you have Sagittarius in the second house you could be receiving recognition from hard work you have put together. 🌥However, tomorrow the Sun in Virgo will Squares Saturn in Sagittarius. 

🏝My Grandparents yard. Only 2 trees went down, and a mini 1 foot flood. The water rose from the ocean once Hurricane Irma entered. It created a high tide. 💦

💦Earth Worms were floating everywhere.🏝

We have to be careful with our health every time we get a Sun Square Saturn that happens twice a year. It is an aspect of our vitality (The Sun) gets in conflict with Saturn. We could be feeling oppressed, or like we have too much load around us effecting our creativity, it can be a heavy day tomorrow, but we can always learn something from every situation.

For example, is Virgo falls in your 11th house you could be conflicted with earning money in the internet. Maybe you are backed down by so many things in the 11th house of social networks that it’s effecting your earnings in the 2nd house. 

Virgo is a sign of details and Sagittarius is a sign of big pictures. Both are in conflict with one another. Make sure you see the big and small picture at all times.

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