Hurricane nears My Home💨 Sept 5 2017🌕Mercury Direct On FullMoon Conjunct Neptune🔱Preparring For Irma

#Tuesday Sept 5 2017🔜Today Mercury in Leo goes Direct and tomorrow the Full Moon Conjuncts Neptune is ON in Pisces. Beautiful energy.🔱 

I do feel things moving on myself that were very stuck all these days and finally yesterday contained an easy solution. 

☁️🌊I also wanted to mention the hurricane that is heading to Florida (up until now) and it’s Category 5. 

🙏🏻❤️For those who are my natives I pray all of you will be safe and start preparing. I survived Hurricane Andrew Category 4 in 1992 due to my family’s strong brick home that was untouched, but many people (especially in the homestead area) were not so lucky due to having “new houses” and being in an open field. Andrew brought a lot of wind, not water, and I remember my 8 year old self scared to death as the wind blew through the air conditioning vent sounding like a train horn.🌬

💨Yes I got shutters this time at our storage mini house. My grandpa will install them💨

🌊Harvey people got a water Cat 4 hurricane that miraculously formed in the golf [a pond] (H.A.A.R.P), and now we will get Irma (supposedly) and who knows what it will bring. 

We got great drainage system in majority of the parts of Miami. Water drains great in my area, so maybe it’s wind damage “they” want to bring this time. Notice I say “they” as we all know we have the weather technology to move it away.

🌕🍁Anyways Autumn season is almost here and the Leo Eclipse brought floods and now possibly more destruction. Eclipses bring big change and also Leo is a beast, so we can see how this has played out.🦁

I hope everyone stays safe. I will be adding preparing my house this whole week.🙏🏻✨

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