Sept 3 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Forecast✨Difficulty Ahead Can Make You Change Roads

#Sunday Sept 3 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Forecast✨This Week can be mighty challenging although we might have the right attitude. We first start with a huge determination (7 of Wands) to learn a new skill(8 of Disks) Or the new skill to learn ahead can dampen our fires a bit. ğŸThere is a New Path ahead (The Chariot) but under the surface we might have a bit of negative expectation 10 of Swords).

The past week was left on fire (The Tower) as many changes took place within our egos. 

🔥We grew, we changed our inner dialogue and now this week we are a new person.

This coming week ahead we might take more then what we could chew (10 of Wands) or perhaps we will have something come up that will make us feel exhausted or restricted. Something could be blocking our life force to continue to get up and chase our dreams.

In turn we might become hermitic (The Hermit) and not want to associate with many due to the restraint we may have.

🗡From the outside, a sense of defeat might be felt (5 of Swords) as movement might be stalled for something you were waiting to happen but all you will hear is crickets.

You will fear an upcoming struggle (5 of Wands) and as a result you know you will need to change course (2 of Disks) in order to get a different outcome.

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