­čŹüSeptember 2017 Forecast­čŹéAutumn Begins This Month­čîżPisces Full Romantic Moon To Come­čîĽ

#Friday Sept 1 2017­čŹüSeptember 2017 Astrology Forecast­čŹéThis month we start off as Mercury Retrograde continues, however, we have a harmonious trine Mars in Leo with Uranus in Aries giving a push to the right direction, and on the next day as Mercury conjuncts Mars we speak clearly of the conclusions we have made until now. 

­čî×On the 5th Mercury goes direct while Sun and Neptune oppose confronting deception that can now be seen in the light of the Pisces Full Moon the next day. 

On the 9th we have a nice trine with Sun and Pluto healing our health that weekend as Mercury re-enters Virgo on the 10th speaking of health matters.  

On the 13th Venus Trines Saturn, however, on the next day the Sun Squares Saturn, Saturn our discipline is being questioned in whether or not we are valuing ourselves enough to follow through. 

On the 16 Mercury re-conjuncts Mars again re-stating where you stand. 

ÔÜí´ŞĆOn the 18th a new sudden love might arrive as Venus trines Uranus. 

­čîĹOn the 20th on the New Moon when Venus enters Virgo we have an opposition with Mercury and Neptune confronting deceit, however, on the 22nd good decisions are made to continue. On the last week we have 3 oppositions and one square as Pluto goes direct inflicting changes. 

These changes need adjustment as they conflict with many.

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