Venus Enters Leo While The Sun Conjuncts Mercury🦁Aug 25 2017🔥Your Willpower Is Being Tested

#Friday Aug 25 2017🦁❤️Today Venus Enters Leo while the Sun Conjuncts Mercury. This is a very intense time as we speak as Mercury Conjuncts the Sun which represents our hearts. Venus is also stepping in a Sign that rules the center of the chest.❤️🔥Courage is the topic in this new Chapter. 

So many aspects are taking place on the Lion lately, starting with the Solar Eclipse that marked the beginning of a New Chapter.

🦎Curly Tale Lizard thinks he owns the yard. He sits here for hours getting Sun🌞

I want to state that there may be trying situations for the most part where your “Will Power” will be tested for some of you. 

This radical change or ‘New Change’ which has pumped up a lot of us have shaken those around us. 

Many people won’t be vibrating like you no more. Many friendships will be lost in this transition. Some may feel courageous and others fearful, and this is the theme of the Lion.

Are you afraid to go after your dreams? Are you afraid to know what people think about? Are you scared? 

🦁The Lion can either be a coward or face the most trying challenges. 

You got to find the Lion within you and get in contact with it. Activate it, because right now the stars are testing your 🔥Willpower🔥aspect to see if you are going to graduate to the next level, or if you are going to stay where you are at the moment.

❤️Venus is about speaking about what’s in your heart. And doing your 🔥Will🦁for what you love.

If for example you have Leo in the 10th house, you will see how appealing you will look to the public. This is not the time to be hiding. This is the time to keep it moving!🔥🔥🔥👌

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