Solar Lion Ecilpse at 1:26pm EST Aug 21 2017🦁New Chapter And Oppertunities Plus Strength!🔥

#Monday Aug 21 2017🌑🌞🦁Today at 1:26pm EST we have a Solar Eclipse in Leo that can be seen throughout the US. 🇺🇸This marks a new chapter in our lives that pertains to our inner strength and taming fears. In our chart, the area that Leo falls in demonstrates the area in your life that will be activated with the force of the Lion. 

🌑I haven’t dyed my hair in years! Last one was 2010…So I’ve been wanting to dye my hair darker, since my hair is Ash Brown lately, it’s been getting a little brassy. So I bought a Natural Henna Dye and waited an hour and here are the results. I should of left it a little longer, but it’s fine, my hair is darker and it’s contrasting my face.🌞

🦁If for example you have Leo in the 10th house you will be very ambitious with career in this time of your life. And since Capricorn rules the 10th house, you will be like a half goat-half Lion climbing up the mountain top till you reach success and fighting any obstacle that stands in your way to the top.

🌞New 10th house hair for the Lion Solar Eclipse. I guess I wanted to change my public outward appearance 🌑

You can apply this analogy to any area of your chart that Leo falls in using the sigil that belongs to your sign.

🌻We also have to note that tomorrow after this Eclipse we will have the Sun Trining Saturn in Sagittarius. So whatever hard work you have been putting on into all these months where your Saturn resides will be specially blessed or boosted by the Sun in Leo who was just eclipsed the day before by the New Moon.🌙

Another thing we have to notice is that this is happening in the beginning of Virgo, or the Leo-Virgo Cusp which is the last constellation ending Summer. 🌞

This can also be energetically interpreted as a super boost before Autumn, a major advance or push to achieve your goals this year before you ripe the results come Autumn.

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