Venus in Cancer Squares Jupiter In Libra💨Aug 17 2017💦Yes You Can! Accept This New Challenge✨

#Thursday Aug 17 2017✨Today Venus in Cancer Squares Jupiter in Libra causing us to work a little harder then usual due to increase in work opportunities. Venus brings value and money, and Jupiter brings abundance and prosperity, but the question is “can you deliver”? That’s what the square is about. Are you doubting yourself? Jupiter in Libra can make us feel a bit doubtful about all these possibilities and our ability to stay grounded and not loose ourselves.

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Venus on the other hand is bringing value to the equation.

This square will bring the best out of us and will challenge us in our abilities to bring out success out of doubt or starting something new.

✨I added an additional mirror to my room and added some lights I already had floating around and this is the result at night. Looks cozy. I can’t wait for Winter.✨

If for example Libra is in your 12th house, you may be having a lot of opportunities open your way from long distance or internet in the 9th house of knowledge and you will have your hands full. 

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