Mercury Retrograde Brought a Long Distance Friend Close🍸Aug 15 2017🎲

#Tuesday Aug 15 2017🎲Last weekend Mercury Retrograde In my 11th house united me and an internet friend I met in 2012 in a Celebrity Lookalike site. 

Interesting enough I never asked her about her Rising Sign, which oneday while she was looking through this IG she decided to find out her Rising Sign in…and her Rising Sign turned out to be the same as mine “Scorpio Rising”. I was amazed! How come I didn’t notice all this time? 

♏️Thick Scorpio Rising Eyebrows♏️⭐️We met at a Celeberty Lookalike Site⭐️

Our life stories and challenges are extremely similar so we became great friends over time and started to communicate a lot through social media. We lived far away so we never really planned to meet until recently she moved to my state and we decided to meet up in my town Miami where I picked her up at the Tri Rail Station so she can stay over the weekend for a slumber party.⛺️🎉

It’s so nice to have a twin celestial friend who can relate to you. I sure had a lot of fun and LAUGHED a whole lot. 

It’s so hard to find genuine good hearted people now in days, so I was very grateful to hang out.

This is proof not all Mercury Retrogrades are hideous! Yes I’ve had difficulty dialing new numbers all these days… but over all it’s been a positive experience. ⭐️😉

(We did facials in the slumber party 🍸)

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