Venus In Cancer Opposes Pluto In Capricorn💀You Can’t Control Everything You Value Forever🦀Aug 14 2017

#Monday Aug 14 2027✨Tomorrow Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This can stir up some intense inner dialogue about what we value and about lost. We can probably be feeling a bit melancholic about knowing that someday we will loose everything we value and that we have absolutely no control at the end(Pluto). 

We can be feeling like there is no point in effort towards attaining material (Venus) goods when we will eventually loose it (Pluto).

This is the opposition between Venus and Pluto. You want to attain stuff and control it….forever. 

However, Capricorn is the keeper of time as he is ruled by old Saturn and Pluto is currently placed there making this aspect a bit dramatic when it comes to Pluto’s transformative powers.

Venus in Cancer is very emotional, loving and caring, and one cares too much here, especially about family and close friends.

Could time be consuming your life? And not spending enough time with friends?

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