Aquarius Lunar Eclipse🌒Aug 7 2017⚡️Erratic Behavior❄️Cooling Personality And Detaching 

#Monday Aug 7 2017🌘Today is the 15 Degree Aquarius Lunar Eclipse at 2:15pm EST and some of us are feeling it heavily. ⚡️Many can be acting rebellious with a need to be independent. 🌙I have my Natal Moon in Aquarius… however, I’m as happy as can be. No mood swings, no anger, only drive to get things done and progress, and with a great sense of humor when things are not working out. I’ve actually been laughing the most I have in years and everything seems humorous to me all the sudden (must be the serotonin in the blueberry extract supplements I started, but anyhow!).

🍎 First time Apple bits me this hard in 6 years… She is really feeling this moon. She is super moody and aggressive. I put my hand in her cage and she just attacked me even though she knew it was me…. then she apologized giving me kisses on my fingers, she felt guilty and didn’t want to come out…)🌚

However, I have noted something distinct about me in these past 2 weeks that has change and made a 360 turn.

And it’s the way I view the world. 🌎

I see the world differently. I see it as a cold detached place where people only have ulterior motives to exceed (It’s a very Aquarian trait☃️).

🍏So I gave her some paper for her to shred since it always helps her vent out energy and potential aggression, but she only did two pieces and flew back to her cage when she usually does the whole paper. I left her alone. I understand she is being effected by this erratic Aquarius Moon and has no awareness of her behavior.🌕

With that being said, I’ve changed a lot. I did a Tarot Card reading for myself recently and “Death” came out several times. I’m assuming it is the Death of my old personality which has shed in this Lunar Eclipse Ending.🌘

Now not everyone is going to have this extreme reaction to this Moon, but some can act a bit out of character, so one should always watch out as Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is unpredictable like lightning.⚡️

For example, if you have this Eclipse happening in the 4th House, you may experience endings to comforts or maybe move from where you live, or you are changing your usual emotional response like I did, and actually this Lunar Eclipse is in conjunction to my Natal Moon. 

So it’s effect is extremely drastic on me.🌕

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