Weekly Tarot Card Reading🔮Aug 6 Week🌒We Have Changed Our Ways

#Sunday Aug 6 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Forecast✨This week can be rather challenging with the Lunar Eclipse taking place tomorrow in 15 degrees Aquarius. 🔪Currently we might feel a heavy doubt (Cruelty) and a disbelief about ourselves do to the struggles (Strife) we are currently going through. 

🎹We may be flowing with ideas (Princess of Cups) and using our artistic creativity to dodge the struggles to win over that sweet (Victory) which can be ours if our challenges are conquered.

Last week we might of felt stuck (The Hanged Man) even though we might of had things progress a little.

🤹🏻‍♀️This coming week we have more services to offer to the world. (knight of Cups).

We have changed our ways so much that it has created a complete 360.(Death)

Many options can come this week from the outside (Interference) which can confuse us a bit in regards of what to choose.

We will feel afraid to be stuck in a circle that keeps us in bondage (The Devil) with no growth at bay.

🔥As a result we have a lot of possibilities this week coming up with the torch of the (Ace of Wands) Opening the way.

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