Jupiter In Libra Squares Pluto In Capricorn💨Aug 4 2017🥊Time To Carve Diamonds Out Of Sand

#Friday Aug 4 2017💨Today Jupiter in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn for about the 3rd time this year. Power and expansion are the theme here. The outer planets make up the big picture in our lives. 

Jupiter represents where in our charts we are expanding, and Pluto represents where in our charts do intense and hard to change situations lie.

When these two square, a need for control and expansion surges from inside us. Ambition can best describe Pluto in Capricorn, and a need to bring something back to balance best describes Jupiter in Libra. So this friction is getting the best out of us and making us carve a diamond out of sand. 

For example if you have Jupiter transiting the 12th house, you could be trying to balance out illnesses that pertain to the nervous system in the 3rd house where Pluto is currently intense.

After Jupiter moves into your 1st house, blessing your body, will you see these results. 

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