Uranus Goes Retrograde In Aries💫August 2 2017⚡️An Unstable Energy Re-thinks Its Next Course

#Wednesday Aug 2 2017⚡️ 💫Uranus goes Retrograde today in Aries. The pros of Uranus going Retrograde during this Eclipse is that it will slow down the changes that will take place. The Eclipse is going to happen in Aquarius, and Uranus Rules Aquarius. 🌓So having this occur will ease the transitional changes that will occur during the lunar eclipse. Things will not happen as sudden as they would of had with Uranus Direct. 

⚡️It was raining so much, Apple didn’t want to come out of her cage.⚡️

🌓Which leads us to focus on this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius which is Ruled by Uranus. So there will be endings regarding the nature of Uranus which is unstableness and rebellious.

🎂Her birthday is this month. She turned 6 years old!👏🏻Feels like it was yesterday I fed her puddling as a baby.🍎

Confrontations with unstable individuals can be the theme of this Lunar Eclipse even if these confrontations happened 2 weeks prior. 🌝🚧Mercury Retrograde is seasoning up to bring those crazies back with Lion power right after he enters Leo. Even though Uranus has gone Retrograde and has toned down some erratic behavior, doesn’t mean we don’t have to keep an eye on him. ⚡️Sometimes Uranus Retrograde can go in a “genius” thinking spree of coming up with so called “brilliant ideas” that can lead to the ultimate disaster. 🌓Lunar Eclipse are about Endings. Bottom line here is care should be taken when disabling unstable energy. 🚧
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