Mercury Starts To Slow Down In Virgo🚧Aug 1 2017🚧Watch Out For Little Annoyances Piling Up⛽️

#Tuesday August 1 2017🔭🚧Today Mercury in Virgo starts to slow down and Retroshade begins. Little things in Virgo start to break down and little arguments start to accumulate before Mercury Goes Retrograde back into the Lion. We must always be aware of the things that take place today as they will repeat themselves three times this month. ⛽️Virgo is a sign of digestion as it is linked to the small intestines and Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury slowing down in Virgo can cause the digestion of information to not get processed correctly or at all. (See, Virgo digests information, and Gemini Distributes😏Its the two sides of Hermes.

🦁My fish with real sunlight on his tail from the window. Look how shinny☀️

Not only do aspects effect us in a psychological level, but they also effect us in a physical level as well. 

When your intestines are dirty and clogged you do get moody and irritated. 

So speaking in a cosmic level we could be affected by the little things that can later turn into BIG THINGS once he goes into Leo. 

💫He is retrograding✨

🦁And Leo rules the Heart, so we could then be speaking from the heart about all the little things in life that make the whole that bother us.

If for example you have Virgo in the 11th house you could be taking a hard look at the future and the results of the career path you currently have now, or statues, and once Mercury goes into Leo again, you are going to want to consider changing career directions…. but please wait until the full moon eclipse passes.

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