July 30 2017🔮Weekly Tarot Forecast✨Feel Good About Recieving⚖️

#Sunday July 30 2017✨Weekly Tarot Forecast🔮This week the focus is all about balance (Adjustment) ⚖️and how to regain it back after loosing it by chasing our goals (Knight of Swords). ğŸ—¡So much rebellion in our part to cut through obstacles (Princess of Swords) has also made us loose the balance, but also made us feel futile (7 of Swords). ⚒

Last week we were busy piecing everything together (9 of Disks) and this week we will see some results (Fortune) unfold our way from last weeks workings.🔮

We may feel a lot of self-doubt (9 of Swords) as we see happiness (The Sun) coming from the outside. Perhaps we will feel undeserving of our luck. We will wish for that ultimate state of Wealth (10 of Disks) that comes with success, and as a result we will have an open door for prosperity to enter our way (Ace of Disks).

🍍This week looks fruitful. We just have to remove self-doubt and all will be good.

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