Here Comes The Rain☔️Original Song🎼Final Release🎬Original Composition🎹

#Friday July 28 2017🎬Well here it is. The song I wrote and recorded plus also produced. Over time I was playing “Rachmaninov’s”🕯Elegie when the main cords inspired me to dwell off into other piano keys🎵creating a brand new song with lyrics. 

🎶I want to open a VEVO, but have no idea if it would be accepted. Now it is uploaded in my YouTube channel. I will try my best to promote this song. 📝I’m currently working on 3 other songs and hope this one is a success to motivate me to record an album. Any lead to how to get this song out there or support from you guys is very welcomed. 🙏🏻I hope you enjoy my latest creation❤️

🎼Here Comes The Rain©

🌞Verse 1🌲

Sun coming down, 

in the country side of town.

I came from far, 

looking for you all around.

Asked here and there, 

no one knew you anywhere. 

(No not a soul. Oh!)

🏘Verse 2🔍

Knock at your door,

No one lived there anymore.

Asked where you worked,

But they said they weren’t sure.

Looked on the net,

Babe your Facebook feed was dead long ago!


Here comes the rain pouring down on me again.

It was sudden didn’t give me time to mend.

Will you be back, or is this is how it ends?

Please let me know.

🍂Verse 2❄️

Autumn here, the Summer Killed, and Winter’s all we have.

Will the Spring bring us the Spring that gave me happiness?!?

Will you be the one reaching out after hearing this song?

✨Semi Chorus💫

If I can only arrange, the constellations!😀

I would make us Conjunct no Squares or Opposition.

I would make it so that you can Retrograde back to me.

🎹Piano Instrumental 🎧

☔️Repeat Chorus🎤

🎙Repeat Semi Chorus🎼