Sun Conjuncts Mars In Leo🦁July 27 2017🔥Time To Set The Rules Straight🌞

#Thursday July 27 2017🔥🌞Today the Sun Conjuncts Mars In Leo and one can feel super courageous and energized enough to take upon the most daunting tasks or say the most daring things.🔥🔥Mars can stir up anger as always, so be careful in getting into arguments that can turn into physical fights. 🔥Mars rules the physical body and physical action and is known to strike without second thought!

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For example if you have this aspect occurring in the 10th house, you now have the courage to say things to certain people in public that before you would of never dared. 

This is a very confident aspect. No fear when presenting oneself. No hair in the tongue. You’ll just be acting from the heart (Leo). 

Also no compromises are available at this time. Whatever takes place will happen because you now feel you’ve had enough of a situation that requires direct contact.🔥🔥🌞🦁

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