Weekly Tarot Card Forecast🔮July 23-29 2017✨A Week of Mental Adjustments🙊

#Sunday July 23 2017🌑Tarot Weekly Forecast July 23-28 2017✨This week we might be feeling inspired (The Star✨) full of hopes and a sense of a clear vision for the future as The Star rules Aquarius. ⚔️However, what crosses these dreams is our attitude like the ‘Prince of Swords’ who is ready to dismiss things easily with a logical approach that perhaps things are probably not going to be possible and it’s best to be cutting yourself loose from these mental “entanglements” the same way he reaches back and cuts the little figure using his Sword.

🔪We could be putting ourselves down immensely (9 of Swords) about how undeserving we are of those dreams. 

🛡We also have a bit of resistance from our environment (10 of Wands) weighing us down.

Last week we began a new outlook (The Fool).

Maybe we started something new and thought of commencing the fool’s journey.

⚖️This coming week we will be making adjustments (Adjustment) to whatever it is we started and we will be flowing pretty good in the process (Ace of Cups).🚿

We will probably receive patient (Art) help from the outside, people actually working on what you asked them to do.📿

You could be fearing results falling below expectations (4 of Cups) 🚰and as a result we will end up futile (7 of Swords) by the ending of this week. 🗡We could be left feeling pretty doubtful with despondency about our endeavors.

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